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North Korea’s recent ballistic missile test has been condemned by many nations. However, it seems that the tests haven’t brought any security concerns to neighbouring countries and regions. North Korea has defended the tests as a legitimate reaction to what it perceives as a threat from US army forces. KCNA (the North Korean state media agency) says that the missiles launched by North Korea had not hurt civilian aviation or posed a threat to other countries. That appears to be the case, as no incidents have been reported. It’s possible North Korea is simply trying to signal to the US as well as other nations that it can defend its own interests.

1. What is the reason why North Korea launch these missile tests?

The recent North Korean missile test could have had various motives. It is possible that the tests are simply a continuation of the previous behavior of North Korea. It is a long-standing participant in tests on missiles, and these tests might simply constitute a continuation. One other possibility is it could be that North Korea is trying to convey a message to international community, perhaps in reaction to the increasing pressure on its economy or pressure. It is also possible it is possible that North Korea may be testing new technology in missile defense as well as using tests to assess that technology. No matter what the motive the tests on missiles conducted by North Korea are considered provocative actions and could intensify tensions within the region.

2. What has other nations done to these tests?

The news on | News | Al JazeeraplayShow navigation menuplaysearchfacebooktwitterwhatsappfacebooktwitteryoutubeinstagram-colored-outl, 2. What are the reactions of other countries in response to these tests? After the release of the test results, other nations have been reacting to the announcement. Certain nations, such as America, for instance United States, have been negative about the announcement, and others, including China are more supportive. There is a good chance that the others’ opinions will influence how things develop in the near future.

Quick Summary

It’s a game that’s risky which North Korea is playing. North Korea could see the US-South Korea military exercises as an invitation to carry out tests. This could trigger a spiraling of tensions that could soon spiral beyond control.

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