Embracing the Soulful Sounds of Guthrie’s “Blues

It was necessary to think about the importance of friendships, and vow to never forget them as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Pearl Cleage’s production “Blues for an Alabama Sky” is a moving dedication to friendship. It acts as a reminder what it takes to fulfill our hopes and stay safe in tough circumstances. The play is performed with awe by The Guthrie Theatre, which combines incredible playwriting with exceptional acting.

It featured five actors who were colored with vivid shades. They were also presented with a compelling and convincing manner. The play focuses on the experiences of four complex African-American Harlem residents , who are determined to make their lives better with a vibrant community that is full of literature, music and political activism. The audience is drawn into the excitement for two hours and minutes, as we witness the dreams of our protagonists become the basis for both cooperation and conflict. The characters featured in the tale are all members of a neighborhood block located in New York. Angel is a nightclub DJ and has __________.

Angel possesses a proclivity for irritation and alcohol consumption along with an unhealthful dependence on security. Angel’s principal pillar is Guy, a gay man with a dream of becoming an actor. Delia is a social worker , who is looking to open a clinic that will help families plan their lives. Sam, an employee at the Harlem hospital, helps her. Leland who is just a recently arrived Southerner and a newcomer to the South, is presented to Angel for a chance to achieve stability, though their discrepant life circumstances make them dubious partners. Cleage has created a captivating story that pulsates in spite of these possible obstacles.

The show transports audiences to an exciting yet ambiguous period in American time, where the massive migration of African-American Southerners to the North led to Harlem, New York, becoming a world-renowned regional culture center. The characters in “Blues to the Alabama Sky”, despite the growing monetary difficulties caused by the Great Depression, realize it as a space of freedom meeting people like poet Langston Hughes and Reverend Adam Clayton Powell. As an example of idols is cabaret artist Josephine Baker. The story is mainly about Angel.

She delivers a powerful performance that emits an energy that is as intense as the glowing neon of a club and yet creates an atmosphere that her scarred soul permeates. The only one who can match her performance is Lamar Jefferson’s Guy whom she portrays as his character with both energy and humor, plus integrity and strength. Jefferson shows a confidence and an empathetic demeanour. Brittany Bellizeare plays Delia, a gentle, but resilient as Stephen Conrad Moore is Sam’s diplomat doctor. Each member of the ensemble provides all the factors for genuine camaraderie between these four friends. Darius Jordan Lee rounds out the ensemble.

Lawrence E. Moten III’s sets are an exquisite blend of idea and flow for the complex streets and apartments which will be the stage. Sarita Fellows’ costumes demonstrate a great attention to detail with an extra flamboyance and bring the production lively. These elements all contribute the “Blues for an Alabama Sky’s” immersive feeling, which makes the actual world appear all the more tangible. Those interested in contacting Rob Hubbard can do so via email : wordhub@yahoo.com. “BLUES FOR ALABAMA’S SKY”: Through March at The Guthrie Theater, Second St. S., Minneapolis. Prices start at $-$.


The actors of Blue Door portrays the characters with a candor and dignity that is not often seen in this kind of movie. Each performer enriches the performance through their unique personality and allows the actors to blur the lines between comedy and drama, as they play with a variety of human emotions ranging from fear and uncertainty to excitement and contentment. Their performance allows us to look behind their characters’ artificial facades and reveal their true selves. Blue Door is an intimate representation of the power of friendship that can help you overcome the most challenging situations.

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