George Clooney’s Old Man Versus the New Man

“George Clooney Is a Genius” is the latest Clooney contribution to the annals of film monotony. It’s not the best movie of his career, nor is it an absolutely hilarious farce, but it’s certainly good fun to look at the man at the microphone in all his various incarnations on the big screen. There’s a very general sense of wonder and intrigue throughout as a result. His face simply gleams. It’s not that he wasn’t born with the face to play the part-no one could possibly deny that-it’s just that he seems to be able to change it almost effortlessly.

He plays David Kleinfeld, a young New York detective who lives with his grandmother and older mother in Manhattan. David has a troubled childhood, being kicked out of school as a teenager and failing several times before landing in rehab. He then becomes a successful lawyer in Los Angeles, where he helps many other people with their legal problems. One of his clients is a television reporter who becomes romantically involved with him. A string of unfortunate events then take their toll on both of them and their friendship is put under serious strain.

The late Donaghyldean Kang is the perfect choice as the interviewer of this character. You can tell that Clooney has had a lot of practice sitting in on interview sessions for many of his films. He then comes off as completely natural and relaxed throughout the movie. This is especially true of the climactic scene where he finally gets his chance to ask the girl out. The chemistry between the two is genuine and there’s a real fire underneath the surface. It makes the movie just a bit more entertaining.

While some people might view this as a typical summer movie, I actually found it to be quite good. It contains very little humor, but the situations are well-hyped and very familiar. For instance, we’ve seen many movies set in New York City where the lead character is a clueless waiter. This one takes the formula and improves it.

Regardless of whether or not you think this movie is good, it is certainly worth a watch. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. I was very impressed by its quality and thought it was very good overall. Some of the scenes involving the Chinese mysticism were a little over the top but other than that, this movie really is about what you would expect from a George Clooney directed film and it delivers!

There’s no doubt that people will see this film again and may even share it with others. I know I have and will probably be discussing it at parties sometime in the future. It’s an incredibly entertaining and thought provoking film. It will make you think, it will spark conversation and it will entertain. The best films are those that grab you, that don’t let you take a breath.

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