Haitian parents benefit from innovative new program

The pilot parenting course of a week to the Haitian Community that was initiated in the Access and Visitors Program within the V.I. The Department of Justice Paternity and Child Support Division has been ended. The program’s participants of over 100 were celebrated at a graduation celebration that was held on the 11th of October at Living Word Family Ministries, Smith Bay. The course was developed to assist in creating healthy parental interactions to ensure the safety and well-being of children by teaching effective ways to parent together and increasing dads’ involvement in the care of their children. With the funding of services designed towards achieving those goals, the department demonstrates its determination to strengthen families while helping children stay safe.

AVP thanks the community and parents for their support of the success of the parenting pilot program. The week-long virtual class available from August to October , on Mondays between 5:00 pm to : pm, included topics that were similar to the ones currently taught in regular parent classes, for example, the Mother’s Matter & Fatherhood Buzz classes. This beneficial program wouldn’t be successful without the assistance from The First Haitian Baptist Church of St. Thomas.

AG George stated that programs like these play an essential part in helping children develop positive values and character characteristics. “The AVP Team is overwhelmed by the outcome and the accomplishments from the parenting program as well as the collaboration with the First Haitian Baptist Church of St. Thomas. We are pleased to report that there has been growing demand for more parental services from participants as well as other Haitian parents.

. It is essential to create the ideal environment for an effective and harmonious co-parenting. It is important to understand the importance and power of relationship and how mothers can help foster relationships between father and child. . The physical and emotional health can be affected if there is no father present. To prevent these negative consequences, it’s important for mothers and fathers to develop mutual respect as well as develop conflict resolution techniques. . In addition, establishing mutual rules and structure, aswell and assessing one another’s styles of communication and the love languages can to foster a harmonious relationship between parents. . Time spent with Mom as well as Dad is important to children’s physical and emotional protection.

I’d like to convey my gratitude for Sandra Garcon for her efforts in educating us in our language. I’ve learned a lot that are beneficial to my family and myself as well as a program I am presently involved in working with children. The DOJ is also a great service that allows us to have an avenue to communicate. Renold Mothe (father of five) shared the same sentiment. The father of five said that it makes him a more happy parent thanks to the collaboration between children and parents.

Mothe declared that Access and Visitation Program was crucial because it provides an obligation to pay for the state and territories where it operates. The Program is important to families as well as children as per Joseph Thomas-Jacobs, Saurel, and Thomas.

Learning Effects

Sandra Garcon deserves my appreciation for her efforts to help us learn our languages. We have learned a lot which I will use to help my family and also an initiative I am currently using to teach children. The DOJ is also a fantastic organisation that gives us opportunities to vent. Renold Mothe (father of five) too felt the same. The father of five said the people who organized this event on behalf of parents, he’s a better parent.

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