How Corrupt Governments are Fueling Violence Around the Globe

Israel is often cited as a prime example of a country the fight against corruption. In the most recent version of the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2022, released through Transparency International, Israel scored the lowest score of 66 placing it at 16th place globally. The country’s score is significantly higher from 2017’s 24th. The recent improvement in Israel’s score is due to the unbiased behavior of the government before it as well as the judiciary, according to Nili Arad, chairman of Transparency International Israel. Through 2022, the administration took a variety of measures to ensure corruption is eliminated in the public sector as well as ensuring that the government’s officials are accountable for their conduct.

1. What was the secret behind how Israel be able to increase its score in its Corruption Perceptions Index?

Israel has made significant strides over the past few years to combat corruption and increase its score in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI). Israel has taken a myriad of steps to enhance its image , and to increase public accountability and transparency. In 2013, the Knesset made a law, which was a law that established an independent police group to examine suspicions of corruption in public. The Knesset has granted the unit the power to investigate and prosecute public corruption cases. The unit was governed by strict reporting rules and an oversight board. Furthermore, the government created a variety of anti-corruption authorities which include the Israel Anti-Corruption Authority and the State Comptroller, to monitor and investigate the possibility of corruption in the public sector.

2. Why is it that 95% of countries have done little or no progress against corruption in the year 2017?

The Global report reveals a clear link between violence and corruption This is an area of great concern. The study reveals that 95% of nations have made little to no improvements in fighting corruption in 2017 which is a sad statistic. The lack of advancement isn’t due to lack in effort. Business, government, and civil society organizations are all actively trying to combat corruption, yet the problem is huge. There are many factors that contribute to the prevalence of corruption, for example, weak institutions ineffective enforcement of laws, the lack of transparency, accountability, and the absence of determination on the part of politicians. Also, corruption typically has deep-rooted culture the people who are in posts of power usually benefiting of the existing system.

3. What measures can be taken to fight corruption in the world?

When discussing the issue of combating corruption globally, it is important to look at the connection between violence and corruption that is which is highlighted within the Global report. It is evident that corruption plays a significant cause of violence, as well as in the instability of the societies around the world. A variety of actions should be undertaken to improve advancements in this sector. In order to make progress in this sector it is possible to take a range of measures. The first is that the government must make sure that anti-corruption laws are enforced with a strict adherence and that corrupt individuals are punished and accountable. Public officials must also be accountable for more transparency. Citizens should be informed about the risks of corruption and ways to report corruption.

4. Was the role of independence of the judiciary as well as the government before it in Israel’s improvement?

Independent conduct in the Israeli judiciary as well as previous government has played a significant contribution to the progress of Israel in the Global Report Highlights the Link Between Corruption and Violent Crime. The former government as well as the judiciary created a climate with good governance, that is free of corruption and violence by making every effort to preserve the integrity of the judiciary and government. The country has seen more social and economic development because of. The reason for this is that the government and judiciary have improved efficiency and effectiveness. Also, the independence of the former government as well as the judiciary has helped to build public confidence in the government and its institutions, thereby decreasing the possibility of violent and corrupt practices in the country.

Quick Summary

Israel’s continued improvement in international arenas is more proof that democracy and the independence of the judiciary is possible. Hopefully, other countries will notice the improvements made by Israel and take steps to meet the same commitments for better standing. While Israel still having much work to complete, it’s a positive sign that its people are starting to reap the benefits of an open and accountable administration. With this newfound momentum, Israel will surely continue in its way to achieving continued global achievement.

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