How Kyiv residents are dealing with the aftermath of the explosions

Kyiv’s early morning drone attack has caused fear and nerve damage across Kyiv’s city. Kyrylo Tymoshenko, Vice-President’s Office’s deputy, stated that one of drones crashed into a residence and killed three. They exploded across Kyiv burning buildings and forcing people into shelters. Though the drones don’t seem to be targeted, Russian air attacks over the last week had damaged structures, power plants and other infrastructure. This latest attack highlights the serious threat to Ukraine and demands diplomatic solutions.

1. Why were the bomb-laden suicide drones to strike Ukraine’s capital?

Recent reports of blasts that have shaken Kyiv was linked to waves of drones which have struck Kyiv. Although the cause behind the blasts remains under investigation, it’s assumed that the drones are filled with explosives, making them suicide bombs. There has been speculation on who was behind the attacks and what the motives might be. It is possible the possibility that the attack was executed by a terrorist group or individual with a grudge against Ukraine. It is clear that drones may be undetectable, and hit targets right in the central part and center of the town. This suggests high levels of intelligence and plan. This suggests that there will future instances of this type of attacks in the future.

2. What were intended targets of drones?

Recent news about explosions in Kyiv (Ukraine) raises concerns over who was the target. It’s possible that drones were designed to attack specific buildings or infrastructure in Kyiv’s cities. There is a possibility, however, that drones were intended to cause anxiety and fear in the population. It is difficult to answer , without additional information regarding the motives behind the people who launched the drones.

3. What was the impact of drones on Kyiv’s?

The latest news concerning the blasts that took place in Kyiv are quite frightening. Kyiv was hit by drones that swarmed around, and the impact caused by these drones was massive. Numerous buildings were damaged and many people were injured. The explosions could be heard for miles in the distance, as well as there was a lot of destruction. Even though there weren’t any casualties however, the destruction to the city has left it shocked. The use drones for this attack was a new and novel tactic and the results were very impressive. The drones could create a lot of damage , and they were not detected. It raises questions because it shows that the conventional defensive methods do not work against such attacks.

A Short Summary

The growing usage of drones that kill suicide by Ukrainian troops is an indication of desperation as the country’s war with separatists from Russia continues to drag on without a resolution at hand. The drones are likely to create more casualties among civilians, which will only further aggravate the crisis. The best option for Ukraine would be to work out a diplomatic solution to the war, instead of resorting to military intervention.

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