How VAST Data’s Solution Is Helping To Power The World’s Most Demanding Computational Tasks

VAST Data’s DASE technology is fast gaining market share, with an increase of 58x over the market for file-objects over the last two years. The customers of the company include top experts in the field of scalable HPC and AI computing. This includes life sciences, finance manufacturing, physics, and finance.


VAST Data announced its Universal Storage data platform at the recently held Supercomputing 2022 Conference and has recently won its 20th HPCwire Editors Choice Award for the top HPC solution. The award is a recognition of its Universal Storage data platform, which is a new standard for simplicity and massive scale. The platform provides unbeatable performance, unbeatable economics and industry-leading all-flash infrastructure. This is a revolutionary new technology that allows organizations to analyze and train any data, without imposing limitations from the past.

VAST Data is a company that provides flexible computing space for research projects. Their pipeline designed for the Sanger Institute has enabled it to sequence human genomes over the course of a single day. The firm also collaborates in conjunction with an initiative called the UK Biobank Vanguard project, which aims to sequence 50,000 genomes from individuals. These techniques are a way to make progress for large-scale projects.

Cloud Infrastructure for Microbial Bioinformatics (CLIMB)

The HPCwire Editors’ Choice Awards highlight outstanding companies, projects and technology within the HPC sector. These are the only prizes of their type and have been voted by the HPCwire’s readers. They are awarded during the HPCwire Supercomputing Conference. Check out the HPCwire Awards article for more about these winners. These are just a few of the features they have:

Its VAST Data Universal Storage data platform is a new standard for simplicity on a scale, with unmatched enterprise capabilities and superscale scalability. It makes use of unique compression methods to maximize storage capacity whilst consuming less energy. Also, it requires less components that HDD storage systems. This leads to better performance and reliability as well with lower overall costs of operating costs.

DataDirect Networks

HPCwire an acclaimed publication that caters to HPC enthusiasts, has announced the winners of its Readers’ Choice Awards. HPC community, has announced the winners of its HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards. These awards highlight the top companies, products as well as projects within the HPC world. Readers vote for the winners are announced at an annual Supercomputing Conference. VAST Data along with GENCI were winners this year. PRACE and Compute Canada are also included.

HPCwire is the most reliable source of news and information about HPC. The website focuses solely on high-performance computing, as well as the most recent innovations. Editors and readers who have won awards selects feature the most effective HPC hardware and software that can be used for research or scientific purposes.


The HPCwire Editors’ Choice Awards honor outstanding achievements in HPC and AI computing. The winners were determined by a panel of HPCwire members. The winners are recognised in HPCwire readers as thought leaders. HPC community as thought leaders. VAST Data’s Universal Storage platform for data redefines the simplicity of data storage at scale, and offers an all-flash system with the highest uptime, unbeatable economics, and exascale scalability.

Management of the company made it clear that they will sponsor the team of athletes from their student program to take part in the SC18 competition. The team, composed of six students from the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, will represent Germany among 15 international student teams. The professor Dr. Arndt Bode is sponsoring the team. He previously served as the director of the Leibniz Supercomputing Center. Bode was also the winner of the Verdienstorden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, the highest state honor in Germany.

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