Italian American pride on display at the Columbus Day Parade – How the parade has changed over the years

On Monday, Fifth Avenue in New York City held the each year Columbus Day Parade – the world’s largest celebration of italian-American heritage and culture. The Columbus Citizen Foundation is a non-profit group which organizes every annually the annual Parade. This year’s parade saw nearly 50 different groups participating, comprising dozens of performers and marches bands. There were several street corners on th to nd street, Italian flags were being offered to people passing by. Jenna Espisito was a well-known performer who was known as a dedicated follower of singing from the “Great Italian American Songbook.” The singer rode on the float in which she performed.

The parade featured floats with musicians blaring tunes that could be heard blocks from the scene. The woman handed out Italian candy and flags on another float. The crowds were waiting in line for minutes at a time just to walk across the road. Chris Vaccaro was a trustee of the Italian American Baseball Foundation and took part in the parade, along with his wife, as well as their tiny child. the wagon decorated with Italian flags as well as the American flag as well as streamers in the colors of green, red, and white, which represent the colors used by Italy’s flag.

As per Vaccaro memories are the real goal of holidays. making memories, telling stories as well as having great conversations between family members and acquaintances. It’s about acknowledging and celebrating the strength and contribution of Indigenous peoples as well as remembering the promises they made that were never fulfilled.

Italy and is the one-generation American. The husband of her was standing alongside her, and a car dressed in Italian flag colours was seen at the intersection between Fifth Avenue and the th Street. This was her third year participating at the Columbus Day Parade. “My father has been through a lot in his journey to get in the United States, and it’s crucial to be remembered and celebrated for where you come to,” she said.

Recent years have seen Columbus Day has drawn controversy by those who claim it is a celebration of exploration which resulted in the unjust treatment Indigenous people. A bill has been proposed by lawmakers from the state that would change Columbus Day from a public holiday to Indigenous People’s Day. The summary of the bill reads “Indigenous People’s day reimagines Columbus Day and changes a celebration of colonialism , into an opportunity for revealing historical truths.

Vaccaro claimed that it was vital for Indigenous peoples in Americas to remember and acknowledge how they fight against the injustices occurring. It is essential to acknowledge the opinions of all people as well as any Indigenous People’s Day caller. Although a holiday may not accepted by everyone It is crucial to be respectful of other views.” Prudente explained that the holiday doesn’t necessarily have to be referred to as “Columbus Day” or even “Italian-American Heritage Day” instead. Scelsa stated that he believes Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day are appropriate to celebrate in different times.


Although there is controversy surrounding the celebration associated with Columbus Day, it is important to remember the significance of this day in exploring and discovering. Changing the holiday to Indigenous People’s Day would be a way of acknowledging the mistreatment of indigenous people during the past, and recognizing their contribution to the world.

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