The motive for the shooting is still under investigation.

Tucson Police arrest a suspect in connection with the killing of a University of Arizona student. At around 10:00, police were called in to investigate an emergency regarding a shooting at a school. The officers were at the school and discover one of the victims. The victim was declared dead upon his arrival. Austin Lopez-Lopez was arrested on charges of first degree murder as well as child endangerment, among other charges. One victim died of the wounds sustained during shooting , while another is seriously ill following an injury in the University of Arizona. The shooting is under investigation as a murder probe by Tucson police. Around 9:30 am, the shooting occurred in 2400 block of West University Avenue. The victim, according to police, died of multiple gunshot wounds. The name of the victim is been released but has not yet been announced. The second victim is in critical condition and needed to be admitted to the hospital. The suspect was shot by police in an unarmed gunfire after refusing to surrender his firearm. The reason for the incident is still being investigated. Tucson police received a report of a shooting at the University of Arizona on October 5. The victim was found dead and another was injured when arriving at the Tucson police. After several shots and being declared dead upon arrival. Following a short chase and arrest, the suspect was detained. One person was wounded and later killed during the shooting. Jarad Anthony Higgins (21) from Tucson was one of the victims. There is no indication that the injuries could pose a threat to life. Tucson Police Department is asking any witnesses to the shooting to contact them at 602-975-8477 or Silent Witness at Silent Witness 602-623-5471. This suspect was shot dead during an incident on the University of Arizona on October 16. Darrell K. Hawkins (22 years old) was the main suspect of the shooting that killed a student at The University of Arizona. Hawkins murdered Jarad Anthony Wicker, 24 in a fight at fraternity events on September 28 the 28th of September, 2017.

1. What was it that caused to the University of Arizona to shoot?

The police made an arrest on the 14th of September regarding the University of Arizona student who was shot dead. Jared Lee Loughner, 22 was detained in relation to the murder of Elliot Rodger at University of Arizona. Loughner was arrested while on a student running demanding that there be an end to shooting violence.


Tucson police have arrested one of the suspects in the murder of a student from Arizona University. They are conducting an investigation. The suspect is still under investigation.

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