The power of mob justice: when the law fails, the people take matters into their own hands.

Today, a vigilante group broke into a police station the New Karachi area to punish an innocent woman who was booked and arrested for her alleged participation in desecration to the Holy Quran. They were not happy with the legal process of this action, and wanted to discipline the person in question by itself. This was a flagrant infraction of rules of law and order. It really is a shame to witness an act of lawlessness that is prevalent in our country. I ask everyone to keep peace and be respectful of the law. Invoking the law with our own hands is not the solution and it will result in more confusion and more violence.

Quick Summary

The police in these cases must ensure that officers be trained on how to deal with blasphemy FIRs better and provide emotional support for the families of the suspects. The spouse of the woman in this case has already declared that the woman was emotional disturbed, and it is possible that she was not well-informed in her mind at the time she made those comments that led to the FIR being filed against her. This issue must also be taken into consideration by the investigators. If they discover that she’s not stabilized, they can drop her charges and instead give her the needed medical attention.

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