Unboxing the Latest American Girl Dolls: Twins, Glitter & Grunge in One Package!

American GIRL UNVEILS TWIN DOLLS TO kick off ‘GIRL OF THE Year’ American Girl, the famous American toy maker, recently unveiled the latest characters from the “Historical Characters” line: Isabel and Nicki Hoffman twin dolls which were announced on February 1st . Not only are they the first pair of twins ever to feature on the American Girl’s Historical Characters line, but their tales revolve around Seattle throughout the 20th century, making their characters a source for nostalgia for many millennial women. The Hoffmans have a birthday in May . The news is an exciting addition for American Girl’s long roster of famous characters.

According to the press release, “American Girl” (based in Middleton Wisconsin) has recently added twins, Isabel and Nicki added to their range of dolls about American historical events. Each doll is unique. Isabel is described as being “bubbly extrovert, bubbly” and enjoys dancing. Nicki, on the opposite, is an introvert and is a fan of skating as well as listening to alternative music. The press release added “Though they have the identical birthdays, the twins are as distinct in the same way as grunge and sparkle.” The twins learn to face their fears while remaining authentic to their stories within their own personal stories.

In , the American Girl (AGbrand introduced the ‘Girl of the Year’ line which was a line of dolls that told stories set within the current. It’s a change from the original characters of the collection, which first came out in Molly McIntire and Samantha Parkington. The tales of Kirsten Larson first came to life according to the American Girl website. AG now has a STEM-themed doll to promote STEM education. This doll is only available at a time, according to the American Girl Doll News blog.

As a result of the expansive illustrations of American History through the dolls developed by American Girl, the American Girl brand, dating from to the th century that focuses on the characters’ struggles that dealt with topics appropriate to the time, like slaves, immigration, and disease of polio. In addition, realizing that the last few years of American history are now considered “historical”, American Heritage Girls was created to provide a different perspective to Girl Scouts, instilling faith and respect for the world in young girls. Courtney Moore is the latest doll that has a historical storyline. The storyline was written between and the release of Nicki or Isabel. The official American Girl account recently tweeted an “apology” regarding this notion.

Social media is abuzz due to the launch of “Historic American Girl Dolls American Girl Dolls Isabel and Nicki” the brand’s newest line. A post from the official account for the company acknowledged that there was a backlash by saying “Didn’t mean to hurt so numerous feelings this morning.” One Twitter user in Boston who has the name **** of Heels Girl, said she was personally offended, tweeting she had inflatable furniture, had read American Girl Magazine, owned back cushion pillows and loved her bag. Black Girl Nerds responded with a tweet: “American Girl just launched their new historical dolls Isabel and Nicki, made by… Never felt this disrespected during my whole adulthood.

Fox News Digital heard from millennial women about their age and nostalgia for dolls of older models. Lexi Oakley from Southern California stated her experience as an American Girl doll collector as when she was a kid, yet felt aged when she saw dolls of her past. Oakley noted, “Growing up with the dolls of the s and s, it is so strange to see a doll from ‘my generation.

We can all learn from each other

The American Girl’s social media campaign for the promotion of the classic dolls Isabel and Nicki failed to consider the possibility of backlash. Reactions of a lot of online users who were personally affronted by the campaign highlights the need for greater awareness when marketing to a specific demographic. Companies must be aware of the effects their advertisements can affect people, and work to ensure that all people are represented by their messages.

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