What this means for social media and freedom of speech

The realDonaldTrump Twitter account has been restored to us. The new owner has confirmed that we will use the account according to the guidelines we have set. We’ve spoken with his. We are looking forward to finding out how the account can use to connect with the Twitter community.

1. What was the reason Elon Musk tweet about Donald Trump’s Twitter account?

Elon Musk’s post on the Twitter account of Donald Trump is not clear. It’s worth noting that the tweet was sent just after an opinion poll showed that Trump’s reinstatement on Twitter has received only a small amount of support. It’s possible that Musk just wanted to respond to the poll and expressing his own opinion on the matter. It’s also possible, that Musk did have some knowledge that he shared with the public. No matter the case, Musk’s tweet has caused many discussions on this issue.

2. Was Musk’s online online survey successful?

Following Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk said his opinion on whether President Donald Trump’s Twitter account should be restored, he carried out an online survey to find out the opinion of the people. The poll showed that a slim majority of the people backed Musk’s views. This prompted many to question the validity of the poll because it was accessible to Musk’s followers of Twitter.

A Quick Review

It is believed that Donald Trump was allowed back on Twitter in response to an Twitter Poll Elon Musk was able to conduct. There has been some controversy since many feel that Musk should not have the authority to take the decision. Musk is excited about the idea that Trump being back on Twitter and is confident that he’ll utilize it constructively.

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