What to Do When You Suspect Someone You Love is Taking Advantage of You

It is with great disappointment that we have to report Tan Lee Hoon was convicted of seven counts of assault involving domestic workers in the month of December in 2022. When he sentenced him prior to sentencing, Tan Lee Hoon stated clearly that “all household helpers should be treated with dignity and respect.” Tan is a an example of safeguarding the rights and dignity domestic workers enjoy and the consequences that might be incurred for not doing so. The details are as follows: Tan, her brother Jia Cheng and Koo were requesting Koo to open a safe within an IKEA bag.

1. What exactly did Tan Lee Hoon do that has led to her conviction on seven assaults?

Tan Lee Hoon, who was recently found guilty of seven counts of assault was found guilty of engaging in a scheme of the theft of her family. Her brother and boyfriend was part of the plan. They entered the house of her family and stole numerous things. Hoon confronted a number of criminal charges due to her involvement with the incident and her role in the crimes. 2 counts each of breaking into houses as well as two counts of criminal trespass along with two separate counts for theft and attempted theft. Hoon received a punishment consisting of probation as well as restrictions on contact with the twin of her boyfriend. Additionally, she was required to pay back her family members.

2. What did Tan decide to do with her brother’s safe prior to using all the piggy bank accounts at home?

According to the media, Tan’s scheme for theft was sophisticated and well-thought out. Tan enlisted her boyfriend’s help along with her twin brother to gain entry to the home of her family members and take their possessions. Tan discovered the key to her brother’s safe , before she removed the entire piggy banks. Tan then went inside the safe to empty it and took out the piggy bank, filled with jewelry and cash. They then fled the scene with their items stolen However, they were quickly arrested by the police. Tan’s behavior demonstrates a inconsiderate disregard for the safety of her family members and a willingness to take advantage of her brother’s trust in her.

3. What exactly did Jia Cheng, and Tan ask Koo to do in order to gain access to the safe?

Jia Cheng and Tan enlisted Koo to assist in opening the safe in order to get the items from Jia Cheng’s family. Koo as a seasoned locksmith was able to utilize her knowledge to alter the combination lock inside the safe, allowing three individuals to gain access into the belongings inside. Although the exact method of Koo’s access is not known the lockpicking skills and knowledge about the inside workings of safes is thought to be the key. That is evidence of her proficiency at this trade. At the end of the day, her actions allowed the three to successfully breach the safe, thus allowing them to commit the criminal act.

4. What does the judge’s statement say regarding treating maids with respect and respect before sentencing Tan?

The judge that ruled over the trial of the woman who enticed her boyfriend and his twin to help her steal from her family stated that she was not treated the household maids with respect and dignity prior to sentencing her. It is essential to treat others with dignity and respect regardless of their social standing. Judge said the case provided a lesson to all of us to respect the rights of others, and not take any act that is detrimental to that end, He also noted that the act of stealing from her family members was a grave crime and that the woman should have taken into consideration the sentiments of her family and her maids before she made the decision to commit such a crime.

A Brief Summary

The women’s actions of abusing two domestic assistants and her involvement in a plot with her husband and twin to get S$57,000 worth items belonging to her family is a crime that must not be condoned. It is imperative that society holds individuals accountable for their conduct so that future crimes like this can be prevented in the future. This is why the court’s ruling of 10 months’ jail for one crime and probation for 60 hours of community service for the second one was a fair verdict that demonstrates accountability while taking into consideration that Tiffany Hwee Shuan had shown evidence of guilt.

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