“A Local’s Guide to the Best Beaches on the Island of Crete”

Are you thinking of going on a summer vacation to Crete? It is worth considering visiting during spring instead! This is a great time to visit for those who want to stay away from tourists with its calm and pleasant temperature. With the snow-white mountains in the background, admire the beautiful landscapes that are that are lit by wildflowers as well as flowering trees. Arosmari Village Hotel Arosmari Village Hotel is a tranquil, undeveloped town which offers a relaxing week. The hotel is made up of carefully renovated wooden and stone cottages giving you the best setting for a peaceful vacation.

The property is well-appointed that has wooden ceilings, shaded terrasses, and spacious rooms. The garden is stunning, and includes roses and lavender bushes, surrounds a charming chapel as well as a massive stone shepherd’s cottage. The garden also has a huge pool. What’s even better are the secret places in the garden, with comfortable loungers under citrus or lemon trees. After a day of guided exploration, one can spend time in the sun at the serene spot. In the mornings, guests have access to an exquisite breakfast buffet, which is followed by a selection of trails that are moderately difficult, guided by a local guides Jonathan Peat.

I am in awe of the flower-covered plateau of Megala Chorafia near the Minoan city of Aptera It is without doubt my favorite walk of the week. The views are stunning over the Mediterranean in addition to fascinating archaeological ruins. Also, I’m amused by the array of flora below my feet, including Jerusalem Sage, blue pimpernels and small wild orchids. It’s at times if I am meandering through the vast salad bowl and when I stroll across lush meadows and archaic pathways, Jonathan provides us with tales of the local area and guidelines for preparing the most delicious plant-based recipes.

On our regular walks, we have the pleasure to taste some of the finest fruits the area has to offer. We were able to find Taverna Moustakas (Stilos) thanks due to our intimate knowledge. Here we enjoy the wide range of local wines, meze and succulent lamb chops. We weave through Stilos as well as the rest of the area, the highlight is the ancient fifth century BC Hellenistic bridge which is enduring the test of the test of. We eventually reach Maza small town which we will continue exploring the fields around us.

After an enjoyable stroll through a timeless olive grove, we arrive at an awe-inspiring church dedicating itself to St. Nicholas and graced with exquisite frescoes painted made by Ioannis Pagomenos who was a masterful 17th century Cretan artist. While on our trip, the warm hospitality offered by Jonathan and Myriam is further punctuated with memorable picnic meals they have lovingly prepared for us. After this brief respite we begin a long trek through the Omalos plateau, taking ancient Venetian tracks. In this stunning expanse of arid plains and craggy cliff faces dotted with goats, we can see majestic griffon vultures and buzzards high in the sky.

When you go on this exciting off-season hiking vacation in Greece, individuals are able to enjoy the luxury of having a dreamy piece of the Greek island completely by themselves. Three tours are accessible between Naxos, Santorini and offer guests the opportunity to explore the routes away from the crowds. The two islands are stunning in the springtime ahead of the tourism season. The tour package includes all transportation along with maps, route instructions, as well as B&B accommodation in picturesque hotels (macsadventure.com). To those who want to experience the lesser-known parts of Corfu’s renowned western coastline, a self-guided tour can be booked with Hidden Corfu.

In summary

The drive up to St. Nicholas church, which was followed by a trek along Venetian paths on Omalos plateau, was amazing. Jonathan and Myriam were our knowledgeable guides and their generous hospitality made our experience more memorable. From rock-faced cliffs with rocky faces as high-flying birds to stunning cliff faces, delicious fresh food that is perfect for picnics to masterful frescoes painted by Ioannis Pagomenos. Our journey is one that is sure to be with us for several years to follow.

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