Creative Strategies for Encouraging Kids to Enjoy Reading

While there are many notable works of literature which have proven their worth and lasted, it’s exciting to discover the next greats. It’s difficult to find all the new books that have been published in recent times. Hence, we have compiled an index to help you simplify the search. In the list are novels, memoirs, the nonfiction genre, as well as fiction books ideal for young readers that are guaranteed to inspire imagination and spark a love of reading among your pupils. (Please note WeAreTeachers might earn an income from sales by using the links provided on this page. Our team will only suggest products that we deem fit.

It was a coincidence that he was in the wrong place at wrong moment. In the present, he’s dealing with consequences for his actions and is trying to repair the damage. While doing so, he discovers a hidden world of mythical creatures who are also struggling to survive in a changing world. Amazon: Wayd Creatures

To test their minds, The Ultimate Riddle Game for Kids created by Zeitgeist offers an exceptional opportunity to test their deductive thinking ability. This book features a collection of captivating riddles, which are thought-provoking and entertaining at the same time. This book was designed to stimulate young minds and sharpen their abilities to think. As a result We present a tale that explores the consequences of Gabe’s irresponsible actions. At first, he was apathetic by family members that were caught up in their own needs. Gabe has come to realize the importance of being accountable for your decisions. Now, he is working with restoration justice to fix some of the damage caused by his act of prank in the forest. A chance encounter with a injured coyote called Rill helps him understand the significance of responsibility and empathy towards all living beings. Find a copy of Wayd Creatures to learn more about Gabe and the amazing story of his life.

only a short amount of time every only a short amount of time each day. This coming-of-age novel follows Minni’s experience as she faces the difficulties that come with living in a drought-stricken surroundings while striving to achieve her dreams. Through Minni’s experiences readers gain insights into the reality of water insecurity and the negative impact its effects on lives. Get Thirst right now at Varsha Bajaj on Amazon.

Sentences: Javari is working hard to fill his thirst by using scarce water resources. Soon, he realizes that powerful individuals have plotted to take control of the water supply , and then withhold it from others at an exorbitant price. The dilemma for him is whether to put himself at risk by harming himself and his beloved relatives by speaking out against the injustice that is happening, or to keep quiet. Holler of the Fireflies by David Barclay Moore is a highly recommended read. While Javari is preparing to go to an educational program centered around science, technology, engineering and math (STEMin West Virginia, he expects to see a major change coming in his life. Javari is worried, however the possibilities that await him are more appealing than the fears he has.

The kids aren’t the only ones who find joy in this brand new place. There are a lot of danger-prone people on their trail while the children come together to defend their fort and protect each other. Amazon offers The Fort by Gordon Korman.


As a conclusion, the problem of water scarcity and inequality isn’t a new issue which is still affecting a variety of individuals as well as entire communities around the world. It’s difficult to understand the ethical dilemmas that people who have access to highly exclusive resources and resources are confronted with. Holler of the Fireflies highlights that education and personal growth could help people create positive changes in their community. The world needs to be aware of injustices , and strive to create a world that is more fair and more fair for everyone.

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