Exploring the Top 10 Most Innovative Fintechs in London

London’s most reputable firms to work for do not only pay the best salaries to their employees. These are the companies that have the strongest culture. The top 10 capital firms with top salaries and most positive workplace cultures.


PremFina an innovative business that provides premium financial services was created in 2012. The latest version of PremFina was a spinoff of the company that was its predecessor, Arabesque Financial Technology. Apart from offering premium insurance and insurance brokers with financing lines.

They are one of the most exciting fintech companies operating in London. This tech-savvy firm has some interesting gadgets, like Starling Bank, an app-only competitor bank. They are an excellent choice for software positions in higher positions, with two head of engineering and 1 senior QA engineer.


Monzo is a major technological disruptor within the financial sector. After five years of its introduction in the UK Monzo has become an established player in the UK fintech market. The fintech lets users handle their money easily and in a very simple way. Additionally, you can access numerous other products from fintech.

It’s not difficult to understand reasons why Monzo has made so much noise however, the team of people at Monzo cannot overlook. The chief executive officer and founder Tom Blomfield stepped down from his post last year because of burnout.

Linklaters LLP

Linklaters LLP, a Fintech-focused law office that has offices across the world can be found at Linklaters LLP. It offers innovative legal advice to some of the top fintech firms. The company provides assistance in legal aspects to start-ups across different industries, including crowdfunding, social media and more.

Linklaters was established in 1838 and has grown to become one of the best respected international firms. The firm is involved in a wide range of practice areas that are well-known, like litigation, capital markets restructuring, and finance products. However, it’s most well-known because of its efforts in the financial sector.

Fulbright Norton Rose

Norton Rose Fulbright is a world-wide law firm that has presence in 50 cities around the world. It provides an all-inclusive services in business law, such as technology consulting. It focuses on foreign and bank challenges. The company also has a global FinTech practice.

The company also has the most experienced competition law department. The company recently appointed Robin Adelstein as US Head of Antitrust. Adelstein was previously the North American General Counsel for Sandoz, the largest global health company. In addition, it is backed by a strong Corporate and Finance team in New York.


London is the most ideal place for starting your journey into technology-related finance. London is home to a lot of the world’s most prominent name in finance and technology, but it also serves as a hub for small fintechs that have the potential to grow. In particular, it is where you can find one of the most significant Fintechs for payments, GoCardless, as well in a number of other lesser well-known name brands. It has a huge legal population, and is also an important hub for technology as well as banking. Here you’ll discover some of the top firms such as Norton Rose Fulbright and Allen & Overy LLP as well as other companies.

The Thought Machine

London is an ideal location for a range of fintech companies and smaller enterprises. Although the majority of them have a good reputation, there are also some lesser known ones. Thought Machine is one of these companies. It has recently raised USD160 million in a Series D financing round.

Thought Machine, a technology business that aids banks in change their outdated IT systems by using cloud-based systems is targeted at the banking sector. There are offices located within Australia, Singapore and the Middle East. Paul Taylor, a former Google employee, created the company. The goal for the company is to provide a compelling solution that helps banks make powerful payments.


Revolut is among the most rapid-growing fintech startups within the UK. It is a competitor bankand offers money transfer, virtual cards, and even crypto.

However, it has been criticized for its poor reputation and accused of creating a toxic work atmosphere. Recently, Wired Magazine articles highlighted how employees had to work for long hours. Employees of Revolut who left the company claim that the fast development Revolut was accompanied by a significant human price.

This year this year, in the year 2000, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) began an investigation of Revolut. The FCA discovered that Revolut was not able to follow sanctions laws. Also, it was alleged of money being laundered.


If you’re trying to get into the fintech industry, London is a great location to begin. London is home to a variety of financial institutions, including Starling Bank and Monzo.

They are changing the face of financial services and they are attracting top technology professionals. They have also caught the focus of venture capitalists and that’s the reason why you see these firms on the television news. How do they pay their employees and culture?

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