Find Your Perfect Adventure in St Thomas’s Wildside!

Tourists visiting St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands are advised to explore more than the idyllic beaches to experience the numerous exciting things available. Seven of the attractions listed below that are located on St. Thomas offer visitors the chance to experience a unique and enriching experience for their next trip to this beautiful Caribbean jewel. One highly recommended activity is a visit Coral World Ocean Park, located at the island’s eastern side. This park offers the rare chance to interact with sea lions and other animals in an interactive and informative space.

The Park gives visitors the chance to interact intimately with wildlife, such as diving with sea lions, dolphins. They can also learn about and observing magnificent sea turtles and marvelling at the fascinating sharks. A aviary in the park includes tropical birds like parrots and other captivating species found in the Caribbean. The observatory is submerged, giving visitors an exclusive view of marine life. Further, when visiting St. Thomas, consider the ‘Tree Limin’ Extreme zipline that is situated on the island’s north shore; this zipline provides an adrenaline rush while also providing breathtaking views.

The Tree Limin’ Extreme zipline course can be found atop St. Peter Mountain. Experience the spectacular views and meet tropical animals including iguanas. Here, you will be amazed by the breathtaking aerial panoramas that encompass Magen’s Bay, the British Virgin Islands, and beyond, as per the official site of Tree Limin Extreme. Ride to the St. Thomas Skyride gondola to take in the stunning landscape. The gondola departs at Charlotte Amalie and reaches an altitude of 560 feet. Photographs can be taken while riding this peaceful ride. You can use these photos and use them on your social profiles.

For an incredible panorama at St. Thomas Harbor and the surrounding islands, make sure to visit “Paradise Point” located on top of the mountain. It offers stunning views and many gifts and exotic treats. When you visit, be sure to enjoy the well-loved World Famous “Banana Daquiri” Tropical Drink Feet above sea level. Visit “Mountain Top” The highest point on the north side of St. Thomas, for spectacular views as well as a refreshing tropical drink. With an immense duty-free gift shop and an expansive deck outside, guests can appreciate the magnificent view from Magens Bay.

It is believed that the British Virgin Islands can be found at an elevation of more than 2000 feet. Be sure to stop at Mountain Top Bar to sample the famous “Banana Daiquiris”, or indulge in the “Pina Colada” for a delightful experience. To explore St. Thomas quickly, thanks to its rich and fascinating past you can book a tour with a local company for taxis or tours. Or, visitors can wander around the island at your own pace, with self-guided History Stroll.

There are numerous historical locations in the US Virgin Islands can be wandered around on foot, with one of the key destinations being Charlotte Amalie. Of particular interest is Fort Christian, a National Historic Landmark, “Fort Christian,” which was established in 1898 and sits over the harbor. This fort provides an opportunity for visitors to discover St. Thomas’ early years, and a museum guides guests through its extensive historical background, from Stone Age exhibits to its present day. Additionally, it has an array of collections that include furniture from Danish period, a natural history section as well as an art gallery.

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The British Virgin Islands offer a abundance of options for tourists to enjoy. From days of fun on the beaches to trips to the cultural as well as mouthwatering local dishes, the islands offer everything for the whole family. They are also home to a long and rich past that is experienced at the peak of any mountain. If you’re looking for a refreshing beverage at Mountain Top Bar or exploring the past by taking a walks in the Virgin Islands, the Virgin Islands offers a unique trip that’ll leave guests with long-lasting memories.

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