Five Ways Self-Exploration with Isabel & Nicki Can Lead to Personal Growth

American Girl has just announced the release its “Girls of the Year” — the twin dolls Isabel Hoffman and Nicki Hoffman. The dolls will join the American Girl’s historical collection, and will take place in Seattle, where they share their birthday on May 2nd. This announcement has left a lot of younger people feeling a surge of nostalgia, feeling old.

American Girl is based out of Middleton situated in Wisconsin and has announced the creation of two dolls to commemorate an important event in American history. These two dolls have distinct characteristics–Isabel is described as being “bubbly and extroverted” with a love for dancing, while Nicki, the introvert of the two, prefers skateboarding and listening to alternative rock. According the release Isabel and Nicki share the same birthday but are very different. They are both in search of the person they are in reality and to face their fears while remaining true and true to their personalities.

American Girl (AG) has developed the “Girl of the year” collection. The collection includes dolls with stories of the past. However, the dolls are only available for a brief period of time according to American Girl Doll News. In the same time, AG debuted its “historical characters” collection that includes Molly McIntire, Samantha Parkington and Kirsten Larson, each of with stories that take place in , and respectively in accordance with their American Girl website. Recently, in , AG has unveiled their most recent’s-inspired doll which encourages STEM education.

The need to have strong role models became more imperative with the new century. This led to the development of American Heritage Girls in , an organization that seeks to instill trust and respect for one’s life through events that stretch from the beginning of time to the 20th century. Every doll has an underlying story of the character’s who persevered through hardships such as immigrants, slavery, and the Polio epidemic. Prior to the debut of Nicki and Isabel The most recent crafted doll had been Courtney Moore, whose story began in . Many felt challenged at the inclusion of Courtney Moore within the the story of the 21st century.

The release provoked much emotional reaction, especially from Boston-based Twitter user **** in Heels Girl who expressed her disappointment with the brand new* (??? American Girl Dolls Isabel, Nicki. In her tweet, she wrote, “I owned inflatable furniture. I was a reader of American girl magazine. I was a subscriber. I had grin pins. I even had the back pillow. I loved my clear bag.” Additionally, the account Black Girl Nerds also tweeted “…American Girl recently released their new historical dolls, Isabel & Nicki of … . It’s the first time I’ve felt this good before in my entire existence. Naturally, the account of the company took to Twitter to apologize, writing “Didn’t intend to inflict all kinds of feelings this day.

Young women who grew to be surrounded by the characters from the past told Fox News Digital that the brand’s new offerings were a source of nostalgia as well as the feeling of aging. Lexi Oakley, , from Southern California, informed Fox News Digital that she had collected a lot of American Girl dolls in her early years and was by surprise when she saw a “historical” doll from her time. It was an odd experience to be able to observe a doll of her age group, after having grown into dolls that were made in the s-s.

Learning Effects

The tweets of @HeelsGirl on Twitter, Black Girl Nerds and others have raised important questions on representation in media. It’s obvious it’s obvious that American Girl could have done more for their dolls to include all of their customers. There are many who have realized that the creation of toys, clothing and books should be made to be designed with kids at all ages in consideration. The companies should try to keep up with changing social attitudes in the creation of products and services geared toward young people. American Girl was unable to rectify their mistakes with this incident, however they can improve.

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