How To Create Shared Space And Responsibility Within Your Organisation Structure

An organisation’s structure has an influence on its productivity. This is because it determines how well people within an organisation to communicate with each other. Communication, after all, is one of the most important keys to the creation and maintenance of organisations. It therefore follows that structures provide people within an organisation with a framework in which they can work towards achieving common goals and targets. The more successful a structure is at ensuring that all organisations work towards the same objectives, the better chances there are of them being successful.

As a manager or a team leader, you will naturally want your team to be organised. With this in mind, you should ensure that your organisation structure provides for the implementation of policies and procedures that govern departmental procedures. These policies and procedures should be communicated to all departments and positions within the organisation so that there is consistency at all levels. One way of ensuring that departments communicate with each other is to assign certain departments such as marketing, finance and operations a single person as the tenant administrator. The tenant administrator is responsible for ensuring that all departments report to her, regarding specific job responsibilities, progress reports, and disciplinary action. In some cases, the position may also be provided to a temporary employee of the organisation.

Another way of ensuring that your organisation structure encourages communication is through assigning certain positions to members of staff who have specialised skill sets. For example, in an investment fund unit, a global manager would be responsible for ensuring the investments are managed effectively. In a human resources department, the position of a global manager would be taken by a department head who has an expertise in dealing with international staff. Similarly, in engineering, a mechanical engineer would oversee project developments and prevent problems before they occur. If, for instance, an organisation does not have a separate finance department, a global manager would oversee its functions.

Another way of ensuring that your organisation structure enables teams to communicate is by assigning team leaders to specific departments or positions. For example, in manufacturing, the general manager would manage the production team and the production engineers. Specialised teams such as the quality analysis team and the quality testing team would be managed by project managers. Project managers are accountable for ensuring that the project completion goals are met, as well as their own personal targets. They also delegate various other duties and functions to their team members.

Communication is also facilitated by assigning differing levels of authority to different teams within your organisation structure. For example, in an advertising agency, there are marketing, design, promotions, sales and account executive teams. Each of these groups has a designated senior manager who is responsible for overall strategy, day to day activities and overall decision making. This structure allows each team to report to a single leader, so decisions are made in an efficient manner. However, in a consultancy, roles and responsibilities are often divided between different departments, which allows collaboration and communication to occur more easily.

Finally, in an organisation structure where shared departments are implemented, tasks and responsibilities are more evenly spread across the different departments and teams. The overall effect is more productivity and a higher level of overall effectiveness. Because responsibilities are not centralized, there are fewer opportunities for in-fighting, conflicts and ill-feeling between team members. Furthermore, because of the shared space and responsibility of teams, decisions are not affected by personal opinions and vendettas, which can result in better decision-making and overall efficiency.

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