How King Constantine II’s Death Signals a Changing of the Guard in Greek Monarchy

The five years that before his accession to the throne the king Constantine II II of Greece had a fascinating journey. His life was full of trouble and resiliency, due to his participation in politics that led to the downfall of Prime Minister George Papandreou’s centre Union government , to the forced removal of his family following an unsuccessful anti-coup. Constantine was an Greek monarchy aficionado and was active in politics from the beginning. He was appointed as King Constantine II, in the year 1964, and was appointed Head of the State. The ensuing rebellion against the dictatorship of the military was the reason for his removal from England in the year 1967. Constantine was exiled to London and resisted his battle to challenge the regime from far away.

1. What year did Constantine II crowned king of Greece?

Constantine II, King of Greece, was chosen to be the King of Greece in the year 1964. Political turmoil during the Cold War era marked his rule. A military-led coup in the year 1967 overthrew the monarchy and forced Constantine II as well as his family to go into exile. Constantine II was exiled until his death in 1982 after which the new administration dissolved the monarchy. Constantine II was an important figure within the Greek diaspora, and was an emblem of national identity as well as unity. He also continued to advocate for the restoration of the Greek monarchy.

2. What caused Constantine’s exile?

When he was the epoch-making king of Greece, Constantine II had passed away. The monarch was also the final Greek monarch prior to 1973, which marked the demise of the Greek monarchy. Constantine II’s reign was characterized by political instability, which ultimately led to his removal. Constantine was forced out following the Greek military junta announced the coup d’etat in the year 1967. The coup was initiated through the Greek military junta in 1967 in order to deal with the political turmoil and civil tensions that were taking place in the country at that moment. The revolution was a result of Constantine II removed by the junta, and was made the republic. The result was that the Greek monarchy to be abolished , and substituted with a presidential style of governance.

3. In which year was the Greek monarchy abolished?

In the year the 82nd year of Greece’s former King Constantine II passed away. After his death an important personage of Greek historical records was gone. Between 1964 and 1973, the king was in power. The 1974 referendum that ended the monarchy in Greece. This referendum was backed by the military junta of that time, and was passed with no opposition. The result was Greece becoming a republic which officially ended the rule by the monarchy. This referendum marked a major moment in Greek historical records that had a impact on the nation’s political scene.

4. What was the relationship between Constantine connected to Prince William

Aged 82 The news of the passing of Greece’s former King Constantine II has brought about a lot of sadness in the nation. It’s time for Greece to reflect at his past and remember the important contribution he made to its time. Between 1964 and 1973, Constantine was the final Greek King. The King is also the grandfather of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Pavlos who is the heir to the King’s throne. He has a distant relationship with Prince William and his connection to King Constantine is an example of distant relationships. Both were linked through the Greek and British royal families.

A Short Summary

The demise of the king Constantine II is felt deeply by the Greek population. The period of nine years under the reign of King Constantine II, 1964-1973, was a turbulent time for Greece. The country was amidst the turbulence of politics that culminated in the military coup of 1967 as well as the establishment of an oppressive regime. A lot of Greeks are likely to remember the King Constantine with fondness as an example of a ruler who tried to prevent conflicts in the political arena and was acting to serve the interests of his citizens. The final day of an era will be defined by his demise.

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